Kyle J Brazil


Kyle is a businessman, technologist, and runner residing in San Francisco. He grew up in the small farming town of Los Banos, California where, at a young age, he began taking apart his various toys and gadgets just to see how they work. This boundless curiosity is what lead to a future of building some of the most innovative companies and products in the world.

He received a degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo working on projects for NASA, BMW, Lexus, and early stage startups. Immediately after he spent time in merchandise operations and management at Target. Later he played key roles in operations, sales, and online product management at Tesla during an exponential growth period. That was followed by several years in the Earth observation industry at UrtheCast and Spire using satellite data to improve the work and lives of the people on our planet. Now he is the Platform Product Manager at HOVER, a 3D mapping company working to change the way we understand the world with the most accurate and comprehensive information on physical properties.

Kyle spends his spare time running trails, reading books, and hanging out with his dog, Luna. Occasionally he still takes things apart just to see how they work and hoping he can figure out how to put them back together again.